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Eliminate worries when you trust USA Refrigerated Freight, powered by R+L Global Logistics, a leader in freight services. Our partners around the country are able to move a variety of sensitive goods.

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Our team leaders have decades of experience in the reefer industry. Our clients benefit from working with us and our network of vetted partners. When it comes to shipping sensitive freight, you want a company that can do more. Find peace of mind as you benefit from our industry experience.
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Whether you’re shipping blueberries from Oregon or frozen TV dinners into Texas - the logistics need to be just right. Your business and customers are important to your ongoing success.

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Refrigerated freight is both time and temperature sensitive, needing careful handling and the right equipment. We understands that, and we aim to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


Ask USA Refrigerated Freight

How do I ship refrigerated products?
Refrigerated products, or any products requiring shipment at a specific temperature, are shipped in trailers or vehicles equipped with refrigeration units designed to sustain specific temperatures. Refrigerated trailers and containers are often referred to as reefer units.
How much does it cost to ship refrigerated items?
The cost or rate for reefer shipping depends on factors such as the type of commodity and travel distance. Rates are generally higher compared to dry van shipping and may require the purchase of additional insurance options.
Are reefer trucks insulated?
Reefer trucks have additional insulation that dry vans do not. This is done to help attached cooling units maintain a steady temperature regardless of the weather outside the trailer or truck.
How cold can a reefer trailer get?
The majority of refrigerated items are shipped at temperatures that range from -13 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. There are speciality reefers that can sustain temperatures even lower for products that require it, such as certain vaccines.
What are reefer goods?
Reefer goods are any commodities that need to be shipped at specific temperatures. Common products include: frozen meat, wine, dairy products, electronics, and medications.

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USA Refrigerated Freight, powered by R+L Global Logistics, has the solutions for all your refrigerated freight needs from coast to coast.

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