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What are Chilled Freight Services?

September 18, 2020
 By USA Refrigerated Freight
What are Chilled Freight Services?
Last Modified: June 5, 2023
Chilled freight services provide a simple solution for shipping perishable commodities. Ready to book? Get a refrigerated shipping quote now!

How can you benefit from chilled freight services? Well, if your business deals with perishable commodities, then you know the stress of maintaining the right temperature, packing everything properly, and trying to calculate how much of each load you’re destined to lose because of spoilage or improper handling. Insulated boxes are one option, but they can’t maintain an exact temperature, and you’ll end up spending a fortune on the extra packaging. Thankfully, there is a better way. 

Chilled freight services provide a simple solution for shipping perishable commodities. By using high-end refrigeration technology, drivers can maintain an exact temperature within the entire truck, and monitor any changes in the temperature during the trip. However, there are many other advantages of using chilled freight services. 

Read on to learn more about chilled freight services and the impact they can have on your temperature-sensitive freight.

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What is Refrigerated Shipping?

First and foremost, what does “refrigerated shipping” really mean? Refrigerated shipping describes the process of using a temperature-controlled truck or van to keep goods at a specific temperature while in transit. The inside of the truck is installed with high-tech refrigeration equipment, and it functions a lot like a household refrigerator. This is the best way to guarantee that your products will stay at the appropriate temperature for the duration of their trip. 

What Freight Services are Included with Refrigerated Shipping?

When you select chilled freight services from a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Company, you aren’t just getting a cold truck to put your products in. You’ll have access to a range of value-added services to ensure the safety and quality of your perishable goods. 

By utilizing chilled freight services and refrigerated logistics with R+L Global Logistics, you can enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Exact temperature maintained for the duration of the trip
  • Regular temperature checks to monitor and correct any changes in temperature
  • Expedited delivery
  • Access to a network of chilled warehouses, trucks, and other holding facilities to ensure the cold chain is maintained at all times
  • Guaranteed delivery within a specific window of time
  • A dedicated Full Truckload (FTL) trailer for your products
  • Comprehensive insurance options for any kind of freight

Refrigerated Shipping Cost

FTL shipping costs are complicated and based on many variables, such as the distance the truck has to travel, the weather conditions, the route, and even the time of year. There are so many factors, that estimating how much a generic shipment would cost is near impossible. The only way to know for sure what your shipment would cost to move is to get a quote, where a company examines all the factors and makes a determination about your specific load. 

With that said, refrigerated shipping is always going to cost more than regular shipping. The trucks require power to stay cold, and temperature-sensitive shipments are typically shipped expedited by default. Both of those factors drive up the cost of chilled freight services, but you also need to account for labor. Drivers must monitor the temperature inside the truck regularly, and make adjustments as necessary. 

In short, refrigerated shipping is more expensive than standard shipping, but you might still end up saving money in the long run if you consider how much money you could lose from spoiled perishable goods. 

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Do You Need Chilled Freight Services?

There are many different types of goods that require specific temperatures to maintain their quality. If you ship multiple different types of products, then you might not be familiar with everything that could benefit from a more controlled environment. In addition to that, unusually hot weather can make temperature-controlled shipping a requirement even for goods that don’t typically require refrigeration. 

Some products that could require chilled freight services include:

  • Poultry
  • Flowers
  • Produce
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Meat
  • Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Snacks or candies
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • High-value art or electronics
  • Compressed canisters
  • Frozen food

Benefits of Refrigerated Shipping

If you’re shipping a product, and you’re not sure if you should use chilled freight services or not, you should know that the benefits outweigh the potential drawbacks. 

If you’re making a decision about how to ship something that might be okay to ship without refrigeration, you have to consider all the outcomes. If you don’t use chilled freight services, and you end up losing a shipment, you could lose a lot of money. If you do go with refrigeration, and you end up not really needing it, at least you’re only out a little extra money. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and quality assurance. 

In addition to that, even if something doesn’t strictly require a specific temperature in shipping doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from it. Produce can make it to its destination intact if it’s packed in bins on a regular truck, but the quality could deteriorate a lot faster. By utilizing chilled shipping services to maintain a consistent temperature, your goods would stay fresher longer, lengthening their shelf-life and resulting in more sales. 

Some of the benefits of refrigerated shipping include:

  • A higher percentage of goods will arrive intact and high-quality
  • Perishable goods will stay fresh longer
  • It produces less waste than using insulated boxes
  • FTL shipping, which can keep your shipment safer than if it was packed with other freight
  • You have more control over how your goods are treated during the trip

Do you have a truckload of sweet stuff to ship? Learn more about freight shipping confections.

Chilled Freight Services with R+L Global Logistics

Let USA Refrigerated Freight be your trusted partner when shipping temperature-controlled freight. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, your goods will arrive at the final destination safely and on time, no matter the temperature. We also offer a range of services designed to meet your specific needs. 

Some of our services include:

  • Meat shipping
  • Produce shipping
  • Vaccine shipping

Fill out your quote if you’re ready to secure transport for your shipment. Our team is also available at (866) 849-2713 if you have any questions or require more information. 

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