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Explore The Best Refrigerated Trucking Companies For You

March 31, 2023
 By Natalie Kienzle
Explore The Best Refrigerated Trucking Companies For You
Last Modified: June 2, 2023
Finding the right carrier for sensitive products is a stressful undertaking. Master the art of choosing the best refrigerated trucking companies by understanding their unique features and how they impact your cold chain logistics.

Finding the best refrigerated trucking companies to ship your freight is a must for businesses that deal with temperature sensitive goods. These specialized transport services ensure safe and efficient delivery of perishable items. Navigating the world of refrigerated freight shipping can be tough. There are many factors to study, including system quality, on-time delivery rates, and the ability to handle various products. 

The International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) recognizes the top reefer companies serving the freight industry. These use technology, an extensive network, and outstanding customer support to attract and keep your business. When shopping for reefer freight carriers, learning what makes them stand out will help you choose the best for your business needs.

This article walks you through the qualities of top reefer companies to help you select the best one for you.

Essential Features of Top Reefer Trucking Companies For Your Shipping Needs

Reefer carriers must excel in ways that go beyond standard trucking industry practices. Prices are higher, demand is greater, and the financial consequences of a bad load are more costly.

We’ll examine several key features that set the best reefer trucking companies apart. These are things that elevate refrigerated freight beyond standard dry van services

Reliable cold chain carriers include:

  • Advanced temperature monitoring systems: These offer real-time data on goods during transport. Tracking systems help products stay within a set temperature range. They also let drivers know of potential issues.
  • Well trained drivers: The top reefer carriers hire and train drivers with experience in moving cold chain products. They understand the challenges of refrigerated transport and know how to manage problems.
  • Flexible solutions: It’s best to use solutions that can adapt to changes in demand and new shipping requirements. Partner businesses can then maintain a high level of efficiency and stay cost-effective. 
  • Proactive maintenance and fleet management: Routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs prevent breakdowns. With reefer units in working order, there are fewer delays. 

Companies that focus on these things deliver great refrigerated transport services for businesses. Partner with a company that excels in these areas, like USA Refrigerated Freight. That way, you can be sure your valuable goods have safe and efficient transportation.

4 Top Factors to Consider in Refrigerated Trucking Companies

Picking the right refrigerated trucking company makes a difference when you need to transport cold chain goods. Once you look closer, there are four top factors clients should pay attention to. 

Focusing on these can help you make a well-versed decision when choosing a carrier.

These four top factors include:

  1. Quality of refrigeration systems: The best refrigeration systems can stay in a temperature range with ease. By investing in the right technology, they reduce the risk of spoilage.
  1. On-time delivery rates: Timing is everything for perishable goods. Look for companies with a solid record that shows products reach their final destination in the best possible condition.
  1. Geographic coverage: An extensive network makes it easy to ship anywhere. It means a company has their logistics figured out for smooth transport, no matter the destination.
  1. Customer support and communication: All successful partnerships need communication. The best refrigerated trucking companies are in tune with client needs and can provide real-time updates on shipments.

With USA Refrigerated Freight, your cargo benefits from an extensive network of carriers able to ship all over the United States and even into Mexico or Canada.

best refrigerated trucking companies, overhead view of crates filled with different produce.

How the Top Refrigerated Trucking Companies Revolutionize the Industry

In North America’s competitive reefer trucking industry, it’s the trailblazers who stand out. These companies set high standards by using new technology and innovative solutions. They are also focused on putting customer satisfaction first.  

We’ll look at how companies commit to excellence and innovation in reefer shipping. You’ll learn to make the right choice for your cold supply chain businesses.

Pioneering Innovative Refrigeration Solutions

Innovative refrigerated freight carriers are solving unique challenges of perishable food transportation. These companies invest in many advanced services. It’s all to make sure that sensitive cargo is always kept at the right temperature throughout the process. 

New refrigeration solutions include:

  • Advanced cooling technologies, like cryogenics, provide precise temperature control
  • Real-time GPS tracking 
  • Remote temperature monitoring to ensure temperature integrity
  • Smart software to find the most efficient and best routes 

They commit to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of refrigerated trucking. It’s what makes them industry leaders.

Reliable and Wide-Reaching Freight Services

Carriers that focus on reliability provide wide-reaching services that cater to the diverse needs of U.S. businesses. They offer extensive logistics networks and a team of experienced drivers. 

You can count on these carriers to offer reliable services that protect your products from pick up to drop off.  

  • Coast-to-coast coverage to transport goods to various destinations
  • Expedited shipping options for timely cargo
  • Strategic partnerships with other carriers and logistic providers

The better connected the carrier, the more options you have as a client.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Refrigerated Transport

More refrigerated freight carriers are now standing out by adding eco-friendly practices into their operations. These companies acknowledge how important it is to reduce their environmental impact. 

They invest in things like:

  • Energy-efficient refrigeration systems 
  • Fuel-saving routing strategies 
  • Eco-conscious truck services. 

By focusing on green solutions, they contribute to a cleaner future for the trucking industry. These carriers offer a way for businesses seeking environmentally responsible transport solutions.

Eco-friendly reefer carriers might be:

  • Using solar powered refrigeration systems 
  • Updating their fleet with more efficient vehicles and eco-friendly materials
  • Providing driver training programs that emphasize fuel-saving strategies

Fuel prices are higher than ever. Working with a carrier that is looking at alternative energy sources is good for the environment and your budget in the long run. 

Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries

Many refrigerated freight carriers cater to the specific needs of various industries. They work with businesses to develop transport plans and show a deep understanding of each type of trucking service. 

Unique solutions are often needed for goods such as:

To offer customized services, these carriers partner with specialized owner-operators. Others keep large-scale fleets designed to cover a wide range of cargo types. The goal is to offer flexibility. This allows them to adapt well in the refrigerated transport sector.

Common solutions include:

  • Specialized equipment like trailers that can keep things at different temperatures
  • Dedicated services for niche industries and different types of cargo
  • Individual plans that account for frequent changes

Different industries in the cold chain must manage things like:

  • Narrow delivery windows
  • Changing order volumes
  • Seasonal changes 

The more tailored an experience the carrier can offer, the more likely your goods will arrive in good shape. That is good for you and the businesses you provide goods for.

Some companies will even offer refrigerated LTL freight services, which provides options for companies with smaller shipping needs. When you call USA Refrigerated Freight, you’ll be able to speak with a freight specialist that can assist with shipping details and specialty arrangements. 

person holding tray with ice and fish

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Trucking Company for Your Needs

With so many options available, it’s best to approach this process step by step. Let’s look at some factors that contribute to a reliable and efficient refrigerated transport experience. 

These are steps you can take if you are looking for a new carrier:

  1. Assess your requirements: Take the time to check your shipping needs. Look at the types of goods you’re transporting. They might have different temperature requirements or final destinations.
  1. Comparing costs and services: Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, it’s time to find the right company. Look for a good balance between pricing and quality service. Take account of factors like on-time delivery rates and customer support.
  1. Check the company’s reputation: Look for reviews from previous and current clients, and see what industry peers have to say. A company’s track record is usually a good reference point for the quality you can expect.

Keep in mind that demand for refrigerated freight services has continued to rise. If you know that your company relies on reefer freight services, look into long-term contract agreements. 

Looking at the average load to truck ratio in the United States will show you that relying on spot rates shouldn’t be part of your long-term plans. 

6 Month Comparison of Reefer Load to Truck Ratio

Source: Statista

You’re more likely to get better service and better rates with a contract. This is especially true as the load to truck ratio increases. When there aren’t enough trucks for every load, spot rates go up. You may even want to use the services of a refrigerated freight broker familiar with contract negotiation

With a contract, you can work out a long-term agreement that works better with your budget plans. This way, even as spot prices rise, you have an agreement with a carrier that benefits you both. You get great service and stable pricing. The carrier gets a repeat load to specialize in and provide steady work for their drivers.  

Semi truck and trailer driving away in the distance

The Future of Refrigerated Trucking

As the demand for temperature controlled shipping continues to grow, the reefer trucking industry is set to advance. 

Key trends shaping the future of the cold chain industry include:

  • New technology for temperature control: Many carriers are using more advanced refrigeration and monitoring systems. With it, they improve control and offer real-time tracking.
  • Improving sustainable practices in the industry. This includes taking on different green systems in truck construction. Companies that focus on sustainability can gain a competitive edge and become industry leaders.

The reefer industry, both in trucking and marine freight, keeps growing. Make sure your company is making smart choices now by investing in companies with an eye towards the future.

Experience the Difference: Partner with USA Refrigerated Freight for Your Reefer Transport Needs

When you break down what it takes to ship refrigerated goods, finding the best refrigerated trucking company is a must. 

USA Refrigerated Freight stands out as the ultimate choice, and we pride ourselves on offering top-notch services.

  • Customized transport solutions 
  • A dedicated team of experts 
  • High quality equipment for safe and efficient delivery

Give us a call at (866) 849-4923 to discuss your refrigerated shipping needs and request a risk-free quote. Find out why businesses trust USA Refrigerated Freight for their temperature sensitive shipments.

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